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  • What is Yesports Master Club?
    Yesports Master Club offers a hub for esports players to gather and lead friends and fans to play, share, and enjoy!
  • What can I expect after joining the club?
    We will conduct a series of interviews to get to know you better, and customize to build an image for you, link you up with a suitable coach to upgrade your skills, connect you with potential sponsors for advertisement, and get you exposed on live streaming platforms and social media to form your fans base.
  • Do I need to be a pro gamer?
    Not necessary. Please register first as long as you love Esports with passion.
  • What games will you get involved?
    Core Games: Competition games for Asian Games 2022 Those are Arena of Valor (Asian Games Version), Dota 2, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, EA Sports FIFA, HearthStone, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile (Asian Games Version), Street Figther V. Peripheral Games: Other global popular games for maximum coverage and reach e.g. Apex, Harry Potter, Call of Duty, CS:GO, Valorant, Slum Dunk, etc.
  • How to join?
    Please click the link below and register!
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