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(Hong Kong SAR, China)

i-CABLE Communications Limited

i-CABLE Communications Limited owns and operates one of the near-universal wireline telecommunications networks in Hong Kong, over which it provides television, broadband, telecommunications and multi-media services to well over two million households. Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee officially granted i-CABLE the exclusive broadcast right of "The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022" (Hangzhou Asian Games) in Hong Kong on its all media platforms.

i-CABLE wholly owned one of the television broadcasters, CABLE TV in Hong Kong, which provides free and pay television networks over Hong Kong, while i-Cable Sports has earned the reputation of professional sports media. The Group is committed to promoting sportsmanship and supporting the development of international and local sports events. By virtue of its broadcasting and producing experience of international and mega sports events, CABLE TV will dedicate its resources to broadcasting wonderful events of Hangzhou Asian Games, engaging Hong Kong audience with extensive online and offline Asian Games experiences and setting off a boom in Asian Games.

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