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Celebrating Our Official Launch of Yesports Master Club

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Updated: 3 Weeks ago

Yesports proudly presents our first and ever all-inclusive Esports Club (Alliance) in Hong Kong - Yesports Master Club. Our official press conference is scheduled to be held on 23 June 2022, which marked the legitimate founding date of this great Alliance!

Since last month, we have recruited 10 members to the team and we are more than happy to have more talented gamers come and be a part of this wonderful community. Our motto - “Success is Yours” has definitely sparked numerous gamers’ passion to pursue their dream as fellow professional esports players.

Among all of our recruited members, each and one of them specializes in one of the eight games featured in the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, including Arena of Valor Asian Games Edition, Dota 2, League of Legends, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, EA SPORTS FIFA branded soccer game, Hearthstone, PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version and Street Fighter V. In order to win as many tournaments as possible to build up our own reputation and positioning known to both Hong Kong and global gaming communities, members would be trained expertly with full forces to sharpen skills and abilities to be the apex annihilator that flawlessly aces the games. Representatives of each game would be considerately be selected according to their actual performances and gameplays.

We hope through the formation of this Esports Club, we would be able to support and foster Hong Kong esports talents to have a wider local and global exposure by competing in both local and international Esports Tournaments and Events, as well as gaining well deserved global profiling and recognition for our Hong Kong Esports Gamers.

With the identity of an operational and business partner, we aim to provide the necessary ecosystem that allows the Alliance to grow and equip with a superb level of achievements for both career & personal development, while we hope to reach the sky and attain the ultimate fame and glory for the committed.

Together we can create magic and achievements.

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