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Hong Kong’s first Esports Talent Pool

Yesports Master Club has been successfully launched on June 23, 2022 (Thursday)

23 June 2022

Pictured: (from bottom left) Dr. Rosa Tang of Hong Kong Baptist University, Executive Vice President of HKCPPCC Mr. Chu, Yesports Master Club Convenor Mr. Tim Shen, Hong Kong Cyberport Chief Public Mission Officer Mr. Eric Chan, and Senior Member of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation Alumni Committee Mr. Philip Kan with the gamers and supporters

Yesports Media Limited (“Yesports”) has successfully held its press conference announcing the official launch of Hong Kong’s first Esports Talent Pool - Yesports Master Club ( (the “Club”) today on 23 June 2022.

The press conference was attended and supported by the communities’ elites, who all came to witness this celebratory event. Yesports representative and convener of Yesports Master Club – Mr. Tim Shen expressed his immense appreciation to everyone that has supported this project in any way possible and “to be a part of the driving force to push forward the development of the esports industry,” Mr Shen further commented.

Yesports is also extremely delighted to have Hong Kong Cyberport Chief Public Mission Officer Mr. Eric Chan as one of the special guests and to have his support on the founding of the Club, which is a strong booster to the fellow e-sportsmen. “Cyberport is delighted to be the major partner in collaborating with Yesports Master Club, which has a very clear vision to harvest a more diverse and sustainable esports industry which is certainly empowering to perceive.”

Pictured: Yesports Master Club Convenor Mr Tim Shen (left)

Hong Kong Cyberport Chief Public Mission Officer Mr. Eric Chan (right)

Yesports would also like to give its utmost gratitude to all supporting units and individuals that have attended this great event both offline and online, including:

  • Hong Kong Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Youth Association - Executive Vice Chairman - Mr. Walter Chu,

  • Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation - Mr. Philip Kan,

  • Hong Kong Metropolitan University - Sports and Recreation Management Senior Lecturer - Mr. Jordix Ng,

  • Hong Kong Baptist University - Assistant Director of Student Affairs - Dr. Rosa Tang,

  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Senior Lecturer of Department of Computing – Dr. Peter Ng,

  • The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong - Senior Lecturer of School of Communication - Dr. Connie Chan,

  • Chinese University of Hong Kong - Associate Professor of Department of Cultural and Religious Studies - Professor Chung Pei Chi,

  • The Association of Pacific Rim Universities - CFO Mr. Sherman Cheng,

  • Famous young entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Hong Kong Brand Memorigin - Mr. William Shen, and fellow press, media and other supporting units.

Yesports sincerely thank all who attended for their active participation and support given to the official launch of Yesports Master Club, and look forward to creating this unique alliance for young gamers to unleash their true potential through the Club’s undeterred will for them to succeed!

Pictured: (from left) AJ, Humanbomb, Born King

About Yesports Master Club :

Yesports Master Club provides a hub and alliance to fellow esports players. We aim to maximize the career development of HK Youths and esports gamers, and their enjoyment in the esports industry!

Yesports Master Club invites all Hong Kong esports athletes including both professional and amateur to participate in the Yesports Master Tournament to showcase their superb skills and abilities. This is a tournament consists of a wide variety of games, including all the games featured in Asian Games 2022. Yesports Master Club will be recruiting gamers from multiple channels including the HK general public and gaming communities, universities and high school students, coaches, KOLs, etc.

Our Vision:

  • Promote esports culture and the participation by wide spectrum of gamers

  • Provide global benefits and development opportunities for gamers

  • Improve the living standards and social status of esports athletes/ gamers

  • Contribute to the development of the esports industry, especially in Hong Kong and the career development of the HK Youths.

Our Recruited Members/ Professional Gamers :

Our motto - “Success is Yours” has definitely sparked numerous gamers’ passion to pursue their dreams as fellow professional esports athletes. Professional members have already been recruited to form teams for the Yesports Master Club and each of them specializes in at least one of the eight games showcased in the 2022 Asian Games.

Among our recruited members, Humanbomb and Keevin are professional players of the “Street Fighter V”. With past experiences in various tournaments, and rewarded with titles such as “Champion of 2021 U25 HK vs TW” and “Champion of 2022 U25 HK vs SG”, Yesports Master Club can further enhance gamers’ potential and nurture them into even greater and more successful Esports Winning Athletes.

Yesports Master Club other recruited members such as Xyer, Noisyland, Coldmoon, 高梓君, Jason and Eric play professionally in “League of Legends”. With all these talents being grouped together within Yesports Master Club, they will for sure become an unstoppable force destined to capture all trophies of victory. In addition, Yesports Master Club has gamers such as AJ, Antheol, Born King, Juxy, Ken and GuGu that excel in other popular games including “Dota 2, Hearthstone, FIFA, Apex Legends and Harry Potter”.

As a member of the Yesports Master Club, professional training will be offered for sharpening up of their skills and to ensure Ultimate Success for our member gamers. Through this process, Yesports Master Club will also be benefited with enhanced branding, image and recognition by global and domestic esports communities for talents nurturing of Hong Kong Youths and gamers.

Pictured: Yesports Master Club members (from left) AJ, Humanbomb, Born King

Last but not least, Yesports Master Club thanks all for participating in our Press Conference and contributing to this successful 1st step. The Press Conference is just the start and lots more exciting news and events will be announced by Yesports Master Club very soon!

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