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Humanbomb has successfully become part of the Hong Kong representative team!

13 July 2022

Yesports, hereby congratulate Humanbomb for his great success in becoming part of the Hong Kong representative team to compete in Street Fighter V of the Hangzhou Asian Games 2022. 🎊🎉


Humanbomb is Hong Kong's first ever “Street Fighter” professional esports athlete❗ And he is also the one and only professional esports player in Hong Kong to ever got into Top 8 in international competitions like EVO World and EVO Japan. Over the past years, he has achieved various outstanding results and perform remarkably in over 20 global-scale tournaments, including winning the 5th place in the “EVO 2012 SSF4AE2012”, taking the 4th place in “CPTA USF4 Shanghai Preheat” and being in the 9th place in the “USF4 Capcom Cup”, etc. 🤜🏻🤛🏻

With Humanbomb’s astounding abilities, he was able to pull through during the qualifiers and earn his rightful place as part of the Hong Kong representative team (consisting of 4 teammates), to compete in the Hangzhou Asian Games 2022 and bring the ultimate glory and honour for Hong Kong!

Yesports will continue to fight side by side with Humanbomb and prepare him for other worldwide competitions. Meanwhile, we would also unleash the true potential of different gamers in Hong Kong, where we will support and nurture them into fellow professional esports athletes, and help motivate the industry to move forward and prosper❗️

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